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Marcel Kahne, Belgium

Retired Church Translator

“I want to add that I am deeply impressed not only by the fantastic, painstaking job you and Richard did in Arabia locating all the places Lehi’s company most likely passed through, but also by the thoroughness and scope of your research of the existing literature – especially in your chapter on shipbuilding. The book makes Lehi and his family come to life. It raises them from the level of a two-dimensional characters of a storybook to that of a three-dimensional real-life people.  Like most Latter-day Saints I suppose, I have read about Nephi’s building of a ship without ever realizing the implications. I think thoughtful Latter-day Saints will be thankful for the contribution you have made.  Lehi In The Wilderness deserves a place next to Hugh Nibley’s “Lehi in the Desert”.

Vicki Lynn Rasmussen

Author of "Head Start with the Book of Mormon"

Tracing the actual trail of Lehi using The Book of Mormon was a novel concept to me.  What a wonderful blessing to all that these two good brethren, Potter and Wellington, pursued their vocations in these formidable lands and were then guided in this great endeavor. As I began reading I was quickly drawn in and amazed by their success at such a difficult task.  Their experiences, insights, and findings, were delightful, inspiring, and faith promoting.  I predict this to be the conclusion of any reader who desires to share their journey.

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Cover - Voyages of the Book of Mormon

"Former managing editor of the Ensign magazine Jay Todd has says of the book: "Voyages is stunningly rich in new information, data, proposals, and insight--and utterly fascinating in its impressive and invigorating approach to Book of Mormon seafaring. Lehi in the WildernessNephi in the Promised Land, and now Voyages of the Book of Mormon form a one-of-a-kind groundbreaking unit, likely to be seen for years to come, no matter what continues to be learned, as foundational and a classic in direction and scope."---Jay M. Todd, Former managing editor of the Ensign for 30 years, retired.

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Nephi in the Promised Land



Perhaps the most important book ever written on Book of Mormon archaeology, “Nephi in the Promised Land” is a must for any LDS family library. The beautiful book includes over 200 colored photographs and maps, and over eight hundred footnotes - mostly from non-LDS scholars. Without a doubt, George Potter’s new book is a milestone in proving the true historicity of the Book of Mormon. If you liked “Lehi in the Wilderness,” you will love its sequel. George’s new book offers a completely new model for the lands of the Book of Mormon. If you know anyone who thinks the Book of Mormon is not true…let them read this beautiful book of remarkable discoveries. 252 pages - Hard Cover

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"The White Bedouin, A Breathtaking Setting.

A forbidden love. And a quest for truth..."



"The White Bedouin" by George Potter. Lee Nelson calls "The White Bedouin", the LDS "Dances With Wolves". Turn the clock black fifty years to trail Stephen Markham on a quest for oil that ultimately reveals layers of meaning long hidden in the sands of Arabia. Alone in the desert, Stephen finds a greater understanding of the Last Days, the meaning of life and a forbidden love. Did Stephen forsake Arabia and return to his life in America, his religion, and his fiancée? Or did he disappear forever into the desert sands? In the first book of its kind, George Potter mixes first-hand knowledge of Middle Eastern culture and scripture with a carefully woven story of breathtaking beauty and epic proportions. Cross the threshold between reality and legend… "The White Bedouin" is the first in a series of adventure tales of the young reporter Jake Sorensen.

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The Wise Men of Bountiful

A beautifully crafted Christmas Story by Book of Mormon Explorer George Potter that ties his research in Arabia to the birth of Christ. Children love this adventure story while learning about the Christ child and the probable origins of the Wise Men, the descendents Nephi’s converts in Arabia (see D&C 33:8).

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 Ten More Amazing Discoveries

George Potter continues to wander the sands of the Middle East because, in his words, "I must." The latest result, "Ten More Amazing Discoveries," makes us grateful that he does. Drawing upon years of research, study, and travel, he offers geographical support for Joseph Smith's assertion that the ancient Garden of Eden was located in the New World, not in the Old World. He offers a new, exciting theory on the landing site of Noah's Ark. He shows how Bible scholarship supports the authorship of the Book of Mormon. And he takes us in search of the "real" Mount Sinai and the trail of the Exodus. "Are these amazing discoveries?" asks the author. "To me they are pearls of truth that bring to life the sacred scriptures and confirm our faith." In "Ten More Amazing Discoveries," George Potter takes us on a journey that, in the end, strengthens our testimonies with new insights into the Bible, the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, and the dealings of God with his children, both ancient and modern. 168 pages, 6x9", Paperback, LDS Non-Fiction

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Our Current Best Seller


Lehi in the Wilderness



“George Potter and Richard Wellington topped the day off with an excellent presentation about the work they have done following Lehi’s trail.  The material they had on hand could have kept us enthralled for much more than the hour in which they had to present it.”

The F.A.I.R Journal, on August 7th 2003 presentation at annual F.A.I.R. Conference.




Lehi in the Wilderness*, 81 New documented evidences that the Book of Mormon is a true history was introduced at the 2003 FAIR conference on August 7th at Utah Valley State University. After a presentation by George and Richard, four cases of the book were sold to those attending!! "We have never had a book sell like this. Your book is selling like pancakes", Sharon Bunch, manager of the FAIR Bookstore, told George. After a presentation to a Relief Society class in Layton, Utah Richard sold 66 copies of the book!

Lehi In The Wilderness was five years in the making. It is based on over 75,000 miles of desert driving, and hundreds of hours of library research.

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* All books are printed in English.