"The Sailing Vessel Nephi: Celebrating a Master Craftsman," by George Potter


When I wrote The Voyages of the Book of Mormon with Engineers Frank Linehan and Conrad Dickson, I knew these mariners were expert sailors, both having sailed over one million miles during their time at sea. I also knew that they were skilled craftsmen, having built and repaired their own sailing vessels. It was also obvious that both of these find LDS members were students of ancient shipbuilding.


However, I did not realize that Conrad Dickson was a master woodworker and a genius at making maritime models. After finishing our book, Conrad set out to create a model of what Nephi's ship would have looked like. He used Frank's design specifications to create the scaled model. 

To appreciate Brother Dickson's love for the Book of Mormon, one should realize that he spent close to 3,000 hours on building the S/V Nephi model.


Why such a huge effort? Conrad is determined to raise enough money to actually build a full-size replica of Nephi's ship and sail it from Arabia to Peru. Conrad wants to christen the replica the S/V Nephi. I hope that within the next year or two the Nephi Project can start this massive project. 


Although we already featured Conrad's model in a prior newsletter, the previous photographs did not do justice to his craftsmanship. Now that the model is finished, we present these new photographs to share with you Conrad's finished model of what we believe is a good example of what Nephi's ship would have been like.

So what is next?  Conrad will be attaching radio controls to steer the model, and will then take the S/V Nephi to the California Maritime College for tank testing.

Thank you Conrad for your amazing achievement!