Trumpets are mentioned in the Book of Mormon five times, including the use of these instruments by the Jaredites to invite the armies of Shiz to battle (Ether 14:28). Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to Book of Mormon students that trumpets were used in ancient Peru and Mesoamerica. Archaeologist ERNEST DAVID ADAMS OSHIGE provides the following examples of ancient Peruvian trumpets found in the King's Palace at Pukara (my candidate for Zarahemla) (Stanish 2003:4; Kaulicke 2001:503). 



"The pututu was a trumpet made from a large seashell or a hollow cow horn. It was not used to play music but mostly used for communicating an important arrival and was also used in religious ceremonies." "Andean Music, the Music of the Incas"  assessment 10 May 2012.




Above are examples of a Peruvian ceramic trumpet and flute.


Wikipedia provides the following description of Mesoamerican trumpets and their usage:
Celebratory Mural in the halls of Bonampak


"It is believed that musicians played a role in many ceremonial functions in ancient Maya culture. In various funeral ceremonies, it is believed that a procession of drum and flute players would follow the casket of important women, filling the air with a gloomy and natural tune. After the casket is laid, the musicians would then cast their instruments, breaking them in the tomb just before it is sealed.


Music also filled the halls of Bonampak after victories of war. In the ancient murals of the Maya city, conch trumpet players are depicted playing for the leaders of their city after a successful campaign. In a display of skill and artisanship, the murals of Bonampak clearly illustrate that musicians, while servants of the city lords, were held in much higher regard than common townsfolk.


Common people in Maya culture did, as well, share interests in music. Archaeological finds have unearthed many unadorned drums and whistles in lower class housing. While it is unclear whether such instruments were reserved for ceremonial traditions, it is certain that simple drums and whistles filled many houses in ancient Maya territories." "Maya Music" Assesssed 11 May 2012.