What Others Say About Our Films



"I have seen several of your movies and spent some time on your website. You have done an

excellent job and the pictures really do help make the scriptures come alive for me and my

family. I have three small children and it always helps when they have something visual to

keep their attention about what we are reading."

Amber Grooms, Twin Falls, Idaho


"I believe in tossing bouquets for a job well done and that is the purpose of this e-mail. My

husband and I found your videos - both the Jaredite ones and the Lehi’s Trail ones - absolutely

riveting! As we watched them, we could hardly wait to put the next one in the VCR. We are on

our second viewing of all of them now. The research and proposed sites were presented so

logically, the narrative was easy to follow, the constant references to maps were most helpful,

the video photography was just beautiful and the native music was most enjoyable.


Anyway, we now feel, to a certain extent, like we have personally "been down that trail" (of

course from the comfort and safety of our family room) and we can better visualize what Lehi

and his family went through in their years of travel there. It is so great to read those related

passages in the Book of Mormon now and be able to see those places in our mind's eye and 

refer to the margin notes we made as we watched the videos and as we have read the book. 


As I mentioned, we have not quite finished the book; but since we watched the videos first,

we feel like we already "know" the characters. It’s the first time we’ve bought a book that

we’ve BOTH wanted to read ASAP, so we’re reading it simultaneously (separate book-

marks, of course). Has anyone mentioned how visually stunning your book is? It sort of

screams "read me." And it’s not just the photos (which are fabulous) - it's the cover, the

quality of the paper, the organization of the material into chapters, the graphics and even

the fonts used for the text. They all work together so nicely to make the book very appealing.


In closing, I just wanted to say that we appreciate being the beneficiaries of the curiosity,

creativity, determination, endurance, sacrifice and special Spirit that it took for you both to

produce these inspirational videos and to write the book. Thanks for sharing those 81 


Lesley Luth, Garland, Texas

I was so excited that I stayed up till 3 in the morning watching all the videos! This 

I host a forum over at http://www.whyprophets.com and I've given the links to your site to 
everyone. I am a computer programmer by profession, a lot of web development experience. 
I have some graphics design. I know a lot of people made comments when this first came out 
that you guys looked to "amature" so they where really leary. After seeing the book and 
videos and the evidence my chin hit the floor. You guys are a true God-send! God bless you. 
Not only is the BOM being proven but the Quran and the Bible as well! You are the best!

Joseph McELprang
Computer Programmer

I very much appreciated that video.  I sat in an awe not moving, I had never been more

intrigued by anything, like I was when I saw your video, it ended too quickly, I rewound it

and watched it again, after repeating that step 3 more times, I called some friends, one a

prospective Latter Day Saint to get over to my house and watch this remarkable video with me.


Jake Sorensen, Provo, Utah


“I sure did enjoy your video. It all makes such sense when one follows The scriptures doesn't 
it? I wish more people would do that. It was Exciting to actually see the trail they used. I'm 
anxious to get your other video's. I'll be ordering them soon. I'm grateful for people such as 
yourself who use such good common sense along with the scriptures to search our Lehi's trail. 
Keep up the good work.
A friend and supporter,”
Phyllis Olive
Author: The Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon, The Lost Tribes 
of the Book of Mormon, & The Millennium.
Las Vegas


The great thing that you do is to take your audience right out into the desert where Lehi

actually traveled.” 

Alan Miner:   Book of Mormon Scholar


As a convert, and having been raised in another Christian Church, I sometimes have difficulty

maintaining a high level of testimony, especially due to the uniqueness of the LDS Church and

the inherent faith of its teachings.  But the works from the Nephi Project document such

irrefutable, logical, and tangible current day proof of the contents of the Book of Mormon, that

reviewing them in my times of doubt gets me back on track to endure longer.” 

Kevin Wille, Utah


I bought the three videos: Jaredites, Nephi's Ship, and the Valley of Lemuel. I showed all

three to my seminary class and got very positive comments from the Jaredites and the Valley

of Lemuel.  They were a little disappointed with Nephi's ship as they thought that it would

have more to do with place it was built and not the ship itself, in fact they had a hard time

getting into it. They loved the Valley of Lemuel and thought the Jaredite video was really

interesting. I myself didn't like the Nephi's Ship as well as the other two.  I also teach an adult

Book of Mormon  class and got the same response.  I'm looking forward to other videos and

you can count on me to buy them.”

LaLauna Bandmann, Wyoming


I would say that the great interest of your videos is that they allow us to walk so to speak

where Lehi's party walked and see what they likely saw. It brings the story to life and gives it

a sense of reality. I also liked the description of the seafaring requirements. You normally

never think about what Nephi was confronted with when building the ship and I look 

forward to seeing the second part of the report. I feel sure the videos will be great teaching

helps. I teach seminary and I am sure my students would have loved to see the places as we

talked about them.”

Marcel Kahne, Belgium


I've bought many of your videos. Thanks for the insight. Please add me To your newsletter 
list.  Thanks for the project!! Loved seeing the "river of water" that didn't exist!! I live in Provo, 
so would appreciate knowing about any lectures that I could attend in the area!
Sheryl Lee Wilson, Utah


I want to let you know that I’ve purchased your book and videos, and have posted the

“Introduction” and the final “Joseph Smith Tribute” chapter at various forums on the web,

and have listed the 81 evidences on my own website. I’m doing this because I love your work,

and want to share a little “primor” of your work, to get the word out and peak folks interest. 

Your work is indeed revolutionary.  I was very impressed with what I saw at your presentation

at the last FAIR conference hence my interest.  To me this is the first vast wealth of knowledge

is support of the Book of Mormon over any other small tidbit of information that has been

discovered, and hence it was worth it to spend the money to get it, for it is a “milestone” in

the Church.

Allen Lee, Las Vegas, NV


I recently ordered your video tapes and book.  I am absolutely thrilled with them.  I just finished

watching the third video about the "most fertile parts".  It must have been very exciting and

rewarding for you finding things as Nephi described them.  I really appreciate your amazing

efforts in recording and making your findings available to us.  You are providing a most valuable

service to the Church. 

Keep up the good work.


Virginia Hansen, Midway, Utah