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Brother Sedor, Hello, this is Rianne. You might remember me, I came and shook your hand after the fireside on the 12th (when the Nephi musical was finished). I just want to take a minute and thank you for speaking at the fireside. I learned so much from what you showed us, and I feel blessed because I was able to be there. I had no idea that anything like the Nephi Project was being done! It's amazing to me that more people haven't heard about it. I've told friends and family and I hope that they look into it. Anyway, I really appreciate that you took the time to speak to us. I recently started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning again and the discoveries that you and your team made combined with the musical have made my reading so much more spiritual. I feel like I am there with Nephi and his family, and his words make so much more sense. Thank you very much.
Yours truly,
Rianne Trevisanut, Vancouver, WA


We very much enjoyed your message at the ST. George fireside.  I was the one sitting by your pretty wife on the front row....and my husband is in the Stake Presidency.....anyway what we were wondering is when you are going on a cruise and doing this presentation.  We had heard rumors that you have scheduled that.  Please let us know if that is true.  I came home that night and called my kids and gave them a lesson on "borders".  Totally fascinating ....and feels right in the heart as well!

Dawn Etta Andrus, St. George, UT


“Brother Potter spoke to the world-wide seminar for LDS Chaplains and was enthusiastically received.  Want to know something about Lehi and his travels in Saudi Arabia or the culture that existed then?  Ask George; he knows!  Great presentation and we look forward to his returning!”

Richard Whaley, Salt Lake City, UT


“Just a note to say thank you so much for the wonderful fireside.  President Andrus ask me to thank you on behalf of the Stake Presidency.  I have received many very positive comments from Stake members regarding the program. The evening was very interesting and informative.  Thank Brother Sedor also. Thank you again for sharing, with us, the fruits of your research.”

 Jerry Tousa, St. George, UT   


Thanks for presenting your fireside on Lehi's Trail to the Glendale Arizona North Stake last week. I have heard nothing but positive feedback and many thankful comments from people all over our Stake for my small contribution in arranging the event. They have all said how much they enjoyed your presentation. It was a thought provoking and inspiring evening. Thanks again, many times over.

Dr. Mike Criddle, Glendale, AZ


I have attended two of George Potter's firesides and one presentation at BYU. I found them all fascinating and thought provoking. His research and discoveries have strengthened my testimony that the Book of Mormon is an historical document as well as true scripture. Can't wait until I can attend another one of his presentations.

 Brad M., Orem, UT


George Potter and Tim Sedor's presentation of "Lehi's trail"  was intellectually and spiritually stimulating.  It is great to know there are people "anxiously engaged" in the good cause of teaching and learning out of the best books.  Many thanks for a wonderful evening.

Shauna, St. George, UT


Thanks for sharing your research, insights, and inspiration at the presentation in our neck of the "wilderness."  You brought Lehi and his family much closer to those of us in the Seattle/Tacoma area.  We now read the Book of Mormon with more attention to the details and have become "explorers" ourselves, discovering and rediscovering facts that strengthen our testimonies.

Cary Campen, BYU Management Society, Tacoma Chapter


George ..we have had so many positive comments about your presentation that you gave here at the Stake Center in St. George.  It is exciting to hear about the discoveries that you have made in searching out  the area where Lehi traveled...The chapel was full but many have said how they wished their friends could have seen it and learn of the things you presented.  Hopefully one day you can return to St George!

Phil and Evelyn Fons, St. George, UT


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Updated: 01 February 2006



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